Midlands is a specialty insurance company that offers underwriting expertise to both industry partners and brokers. A company that takes pride in their staff, Midlands wanted a brand that communicated their legacy and strength, but also presented them as an approachable “people company.”

That’s where Ghost stepped in. Our goal: to create a brand identity for Midlands that unified their brand and communicated their services and strengths. The Midlands mark was derived from two main points. One being that Midlands strives to provide a high service standard through their employees. The second is that Midlands is an industry leader with a vast and diverse set of products and services. With that in mind, we created a simple and bold typeset mark that features soft edges to appear personable and sincere.

The tag line “Beyond Coverage” says that Midlands goes above and beyond; solving unique and difficult problems. The tagline also communicates that Midlands has many services to offer their clients. The colors of Midlands are monochromatic with a pop of color; infusing it with uniqueness and energy. A soft black communicates approachability. The bright green pops and serves as an updated hue of their previous hunter green. Over all the color palate is simple and sophisticated. The Midlands type family was chosen to communicate a clean, modern and strong classic feel.

These graphic elements extend throughout the brand and into the website, print collateral and marketing materials.